Membership Subscription

Subscriptions are due and payable on admission to membership and thereafter yearly or updated for the intervening years at the General Assembly. Click Here to JOIN AHILA

Membership Categories

1. Individual Membership

Individual membership is at the rate of $25 per annum.

Among others, the following are some of the benefits of individual membership subscription:

  • Networking and support: You have the opportunity to collaborate, network, and share knowledge with experienced professionals within and outside Africa, to accelerate your professional growth and service delivery.

  • Certification: An annual membership certificate confirms your membership to showcase your affiliation with the professional body everywhere you go

  • Learning Discounts: Members can attend AHILA’s professional development programmes at discounted or free rates.

  • Access: Members have access to AHILA grants and resources.

  • International Leadership Experience: Members have the opportunity to acquire international leadership skills and experience.

  • Voting Rights: Paid-up members are eligible to vote and be voted for.

Other Membership Types

2. Institutional Membership [$100 biannually]

3. Affiliate Membership [$30 biannually]

4. Student Membership [$20 biannually]

5. Honorary Membership

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